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UTMC Coating

The Ultra Tough Multi Coat from ASAHI-LITE goes a long way in increasing the toughness of lenses, while repelling even viscose substances like oil. The result is a lens that stays cleaner for longer and is tough enough to resist high impact. The coating works to keep the lens not just smudge-proof but also to keep it that way for longer. It achieves this with the long-chain fluorosilane molecules in the top-coat. The oil repellant properties are also apparent especially when compared to a coating which is simply hydrophobic. The oil is easier to wipe off too.


UTMC performs exceptionally well with a number of clear benefits

  • It promotes greater clarity of vision, repelling even sticky substances like oil.
  • It keeps the lens cleaner for longer.
  • It makes the lens surface tougher.
  • It impacts lens curvature in a way that makes it difficult for water droplets to stick to the surface.