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Proshield Coating

Lenses used on a day-to-day basis are subject to a vast amount of wear and tear. At ASAHI-LITE we try to minimize the damaging effects of impact, weather elements or other agents by infusing the lens with some extra strength. We achieve this through a hard coating called ProShield which work to protect against scratches, keeping the lens in its original appearance for as long as possible. The coating is generally applied by dipping the lens in a polysiloxane lacquer, a type of varnish composed of a polymer that includes silicon molecules.

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ProShield comes packed with some great advantages

  • It offers protection, comfort and a better overall appearance.
  • It keeps the lens free from scratches.
  • It gives better resistance to abrasion and to chemicals.
  • It enhances optical clarity.
  • It makes the lens much more durable.