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Single Vision

Single Vision lenses have only one dioptric power and are primarily used by wearers who have just one power for distance or near vision. The stress is again on comfort and on reducing eyestrain brought on by activities like working at the computer, reading etc. In addition, lightweight materials and breakthrough techniques of lens manufacture can work to keep the lens considerably light.


Single Vision lenses come in wide range of materials with benefits that suit a wide gamut of needs

  • They have sophisticated lens design software that allows correction levels beyond those of even optimally fitted, corrective curve lenses.
  • They allow a wide choice of materials with different indices, or types such as photo-chromatic, polarized, etc.
  • They make it possible to optimize sphero-cylindrical prescriptions in their peripheral regions.
  • Their performance can be further optimized or enhanced using personal factors such as frame size, shape, frame curve, horizontal PD and monocular pupil heights.
Single Vision Lens help in correcting the following Vision problems

Images that are at a distance appear blurred, whereas images that are at a closer proximity are in focus are corrected with minus power lenses.


Images at a distance are in focus, while the ones at a closer proximity appear blurred are corrected with plus powered lenses.


With the application of a cylindrical power, correction of eyes looking in different directions at right angles to one another can be corrected effectively.


  • Sharp and focused visions are indeed the twin platforms on which this lens has been manufactured.
  • Borrowing from years of ophthalmic lens design, these lenses take precision, sophistication and personalization to new levels. As a new, digitally surfaced, Freeform optimized single-vision lens, it can surpass performance standards of other lens by several degrees.
  • Their extreme high precision of Freeform surfacing, produces surfaces over 100 times more accurate than traditionally generated lenses.
At a Glance
  • The lens benefits from DOT-TO-DOT technology, which can produce lens surfaces over 100 times more accurate than traditionally generated lenses.
  • It is crafted for the customer's exact prescription.
  • Benefits from an entire back-surface aspheric design.
  • Also, from an entire back-surface Atoric design.
  • The Thinner, Flatter lens profile works with Optical Optimization.

A Plethora of innovations have managed to perfect the unique design of the Single Vision Lenses. ASAHI-LITE offers a range of innovative single vision lens designs. ASAHI-LITE Aspheric lenses deliver a larger, distortion free field of vision apart from being a thinner lens. Double Sided Aspheric Lenses ensure focused vision in all the possible directions, over the complete surface of the lens.


  • Aspheric lenses are flatter, thinner and lighter in weight than the conventional "best form" lenses.
  • Popular lenses for patients with high powers.
  • Aspheric lenses deliver:
    • Reduced edge thickness of minus lenses
    • Reduced center thickness of plus lenses
    • The key surface for plus lenses is the front surface
    • The key surface for minus lenses is the back surface


  • Reduces the myopic lens thickness and the "rings" at the edge significantly as compared with other normal lenses.
  • Lighter than normal lenses of the same power.
  • Customer can choose from a wide variety of trendy supra and rimless designs without having to worry about the thickness of the lenses.