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Bifocal lenses from ASAHI-LITE seek to provide maximum comfort to the eyes. Designed for presbyopes who need both near and farsighted vision correction, they are prescription eyeglasses with multiple benefits. ASAHI-LITE bifocals provide larger field of vision, thus enhancing visual comfort without much loss of peripheral vision. The desire at all times is to promote comfort and clarity between near and far vision zones. ASAHI-LITE is the market leader in high refractive index products and lenses. In fact ASAHI-LITE manufactured and marketed 1.60 Index lenses first time in the world and this is just the beginning of innovation.

  • Multipurpose lens – one for dual focus.
  • Pioneers of Hi-Index lens.
  • Allow for visual clarity between two viewing zones.
  • Wider visual field especially advantageous for distant viewing.
  • Light weight and comfortable, depending on the refractive index and material used.
  • Has 28mm wide segment lens zone for wider and best view.
  • 1.67 Refractive index lens with Aspherical design provides wider viewing compared to ordinary Spherical design.
  • Gives great reduction in centre thickness, edge thickness and weight of the lenses compared to traditional lens.