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Bi Clear

Another offering exclusively from ASAHI-LITE, Bi-Clear lenses seek to minimize eye strains, no matter what the power. Suitable for those in the age group starting from the late 20s to early 40s, its aspheric design can provide wide and stable far sight zones with enhanced viewing comfort at near sight zones. The end result is a completely natural and comfortable viewing feel. Bi-Clear works to reduce the strain on near zones, and while it is classified as a progressive it makes no definite distinctions between near and far viewing zones. In fact, it keeps the near power slightly weak, which goes far in reducing eye strain especially when working with computers and LED screens.


Bi-Clear is indeed a lifesaver for those with eye problems

  • It reduces eyestrain by adjusting near vision to provide optimum comfort.
  • It enhances visual comfort.
  • It works in a new way, using the intermediate zone to view near objects, thus eliminating strain and giving the feel of natural sight.
bi clear

Near zones in Bi-Clear lens are actually seen through the intermediate zone. Also, the corridor length is maintained at a greater dimension as compared to normal progressives, standing tall at 19mm. Both these features actually go a long way in reducing strain on the ciliary muscles.