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Asahi Lite Smart Choice

First time wearers or those making the switch from bifocals now have just what they are looking for in ASAHI-LITE Smart Choice. Available in 1.5 Regular and 1.5 Short corridors, they pack in all benefits of superior progressives, that too at affordable prices. The short corridor further allows for fashionable frames with a wide choice of shapes that the lens can fit into. The fact that one lens meets all viewing needs and gives a seamless switch from one zone to another, gives this lens a definite advantage over bifocals. Visual comfort and value for money come together perfectly.


ASAHI-LITE Smart Choice is indeed a smart option for progressive wearers

  • Dynamic design, comes with standard UTMC, C-Blue and ProTec coatings.
  • Allows for smooth transitions from one zone to other zones of vision.
  • Fitting height is 20 mm for Regular and 18 mm for Short, both of which accommodate different frame shapes.
  • Reduction in peripheral distortions allows for good adaptation.
  • Remains reflection free, has a high resistance to scratches and allows for easy lens care thanks to the UTMC, C-Blue and ProTec coatings.
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