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Asahi Pro + HD

ASAHI-LITE Pro+ HD takes comfort and clarity to new levels as it is also available in polarized and photo-chromatic versions that make it all that more suitable for harsh light conditions. That apart, this lens reduces peripheral distortion and is able to create various designs with base and addition combinations. Making it an ideal choice in progressives.


ASAHI-LITE Pro+ HD remains a great progressive with stellar features

  • It guarantees an easy adaptability and dispensing.
  • It incorporates the benefits of hard and soft design. This means better distance and near viewing with smooth transition from one to the other.
  • It comes with 3 choices in corridor length, thus allowing the user to choose from wide range of frames.
  • It benefits from the FreeForm design that endows it with radically sharp, hi-definition vision, thus giving it a definite advantage over competitors.
  • It takes the base and addition combination to create different designs, and thus also enhances vision quality.
  • It is available in polarized and photo-chromatic versions.