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Hyperview HDV

ASAHI HYPER LITE Hyperview HDV is a progressive par excellence, as it is designed around the principles of easy adaptability, and a clear and trouble-free field of vision. It is also the product of years of research, which gives every lens a unique identity so it remains true to just one prescription. It achieves this through the Unique Identity Mapping (UIM) technology, so that no two lenses manufactured using this process are alike. This unique lens also stretches comfort to new levels with the DAS design. That apart, it gives the wearer the flexibility and freedom to choose a wide variety of frame designs with variable fitting height options. Proving yet again that aesthetics and utility can indeed go hand in hand.


The best lens of its class, ASAHI HYPER LITE Hyperview HDV provides some unmatched benefits

  • It is lighter and thinner than conventional progressives, thanks to the DAS design.
  • It gives a wider reading area.
  • It allows for a smooth transition from one viewing zone to the next.
  • It remains distortion-free for a larger distance.
  • It customizes near vision placement so objects at a closer distance are better viewed.
  • The UIM technology also maps individual surface contours and removes aberrations that could affect vision, so all round perception is greatly enhanced.
  • It is also made in MR8 that is 51% more flexible and tougher than polycarbonate, which facilitates easier drilling. This results in much better overall fitting.